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VATKO Services

If Vatko applies for a Dutch VAT registration number the payment of VAT on imported goods can be refunded at the moment that the VAT declaration (usually quarterly) is made.

Maintaining contacts with the Dutch tax authorities

This includes all correspondence concerning VAT returns and specific VAT issues.

Compiling and submitting European Sales Lists

A foreign VAT-registered company must file a periodic (monthly or quarterly) return showing its turnover and the VAT owed on this turnover. The VAT must be calculated on the amount of compensation charged for its goods and services.
The total invoice amounts must therefore be the same as the amounts reported to the tax authorities.

The foreign VAT-registered company can deduct the Dutch VAT charged to it by other companies as input VAT on its VAT return. The company can also deduct the Dutch import VAT as input VAT on its return.
On balance the foreign company must report and pay the VAT it owes to the Dutch tax authorities. If the VAT return shows a negative result the Dutch tax authorities will pay the VAT amount to the company.

Periodically compiling and submitting European Sales Lists

In case of cross border transactions within the EU a foreign company, with a Dutch VAT registration, can transfer VAT to other VAT registered companies. For each customer we have to compile a quarterly declaration. To be sure of the correctness of the VAT number we have to check all customer VAT numbers with the Dutch tax authorities.