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Import goods in the EU & VAT

The economic climate is improving. More and more companies from outside the EU want to sell / import their products in the EU. The Netherlands, with its seaports and airports, has traditionally been a country that is very suitable for importing the products in the EU.
From the Netherlands, delivery to other EU countries will then take place.
The Netherlands is a core country within the EU and the Dutch generally speak their languages well.

Non-EU companies are subject to a number of charges when importing the goods. One of these is VAT (value added tax or sales tax, in the Netherlands for most products 21%). As a rule, VAT must be paid at the time of import (ie "at the border"). In case of delivery to other companies, the company can recover VAT later. In that case, the VAT must be financed for some time.

Under certain conditions, however, the taxation of VAT can be left behind.

To each his own, choose Vatko as your partner in tax representation.

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